Outdoor Recreation Updates


The San Juan Mountains Association (SJMA) provides up to date outdoor recreation information to help you stay informed about current conditions in southwest Colorado. Special notices, trail conditions, fire restrictions, campground status, road closures and much more are posted as information changes.  Scroll down to see what’s happening.

As of Saturday, June 15 2019:  

Special News Releases:

Trail Conditions:

  • Check out our Trail Conditions page for more information on specific trails. We will update this list as we receive more information of trail conditions. Help us out by emailing us at info@sjma.org!
  • Chicago Basin Trip Report from a hiker/skied on June 1, 2019
  • Snow line is approximately 10,000 ft 
  • The San Juan National Forest Service gathered some trail information via a flyover of the Weminuche Wilderness on June 4, 2019. From this flyover, they determined that access to the Weminuche Wilderness will be 1-1.5 months later than anticipated. This includes the CDT, presuming there are not slides impeding access. The volume of snow coverage made it very difficult to tell if a slide ran across the trail and contained trees.
  • The area will be entering a warming trend, which will expedite the snow melt, but it will still be a slow process and high water events may damage resources. All water courses were running hard, with some at or near bank full. All visitors MUST be aware of very difficult stream crossings and be prepared to turn around if their safety is compromised.

Forest Service Campgrounds:

Forest Service Roads:

  • Roads are slow to open this year due to the epic snow fall this past winter. 
  • Little Molas Road is still inaccessible due to 2-3 feet of snow (June 8, 2019)
  • East Fork Road, Forest Rd 667, is closed approximately 7 miles up, at Treasure Mountain Trailhead – road washed out
  • Middle Mtn Road is OPEN at Beri park. Safety issue with the culvert on the Beri ATV loop trail is now clearly marked. 
  • Check out the  San Juan National Forest Road Conditions  to find out current road status. Please note, just because a road is listed as OPEN does not mean that it is drivable.  Any road can be blocked by downed trees or snow at any time. You can be ticketed for road damage.  The Forest Service and the Counties do not rescue stranded vehicles

Silverton Area Passes:

  • Please be aware: Southwestern Colorado received an exceptional amount of snow during the 2018-2019 winter. Roads may be cleared later than usual, and dangers like avalanches may still exist into the summer months. Please use caution when venturing into these areas. 
  • Yankee Boy IS OPEN as of June 15!
  • Red Mountain Town – Open the Main Loop– OPEN
  • Ophir Pass: OPEN to top on east side
  • Hwy 2: Open 2-3 miles past Eureka
  • Hurricane Pass:  Open from Gladstone 3 miles up
  • Corkscrew Pass: From Hurricane: closed with deep snow. Scheduled to begin clearing 6/17/2019
  • Engineer Pass:  Scheduled to begin clearing 6/17/2019
  • Imogene Pass: Work will begin after the completion of Engineer
  • For more information, check out the Silverton Area Passes to find out current road status

Fire Restrictions: There are currently NO fire restrictions on San Juan National Forest Lands except in areas where permanent fire restrictions exist, such as the Needle Creek Drainage.

OHVs – Off Highway Vehicles:

  • Must have a Colorado State registration for use on public lands in Colorado.
  • Registrations and permits are available at Colorado State Parks, most OHV dealers, the San Juan National Forest Office, Bayfield Ranger District, Pagosa Ranger District and the Dolores Public Lands Office.

Firewood cutting permits are on sale at the following locations: Forest Service offices in Durango, Bayfield, Dolores and Pagosa, Kroeger’s Hardware in Durango, Dolores Food Market, Conoco Corner in Lewis, Cox Conoco in Mancos.

If you have any questions regarding conditions on the San Juan National Forest, please call us (970) 247-4874, check out our web address at www.fs.usda.gov/sanjuan or stop by the San Juan National Forest Headquarters, Pagosa, Dolores or Bayfield District Offices.  Open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.