Latitude 40 Telluride, Silverton, Ouray


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The most recent and detailed map of the area between Silveron Telluride and Ouray. It includes Ice Lakes, Blue Lakes, Handies Peak, Lizard Head Wilderness, Sneffels Wilderness, Red Mountain Pass, Yankee Boy Basin, the West side of the Alpine Loop and Highway 550.

1:50,000 scale, 50 foot contours, shaded relief, UTM and Lat/Long grids, GPSed road and trail mileages and difficulty ratings.

Map Coverage  covers all or part of 18 USGS 1:24,000 7.5-minute topographic maps

  • North – 7 miles north of Ouray
  • South 3 miles south of Lizard Head
  • East – 6 miles east of Silverton
  • West – Western boundary of Lizard Head Wilderness
  • Scale  1:50,000; 1″= 0.8 miles or 1.3 kmContour Interval  50 feet with shaded relief base

    Latest Edition  5th – 2016


    • Seven-color, double-sided map
    • Latitude and longitude map borders with UTM coordinates
    • This map connects with the Durango map for continuous coverage of the western San Juan Mountain range