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Do your kids LOVE or HATE bugs? Either way this is great way to get them knowing more about 101 of the most common bugs in North America. Fun infomation and many ways to play games with them.

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Identifying bugs has never been more fun! Author and illustrator Todd Telander unlocks the mysteries found in your yard with Backyard Bugs: 101 Flashcards for Discovering Insects. Featuring 101 of the most common bugs of North America, each card comes complete with a detailed illustration, up-to-date species information for easy identification, and “Curiosities,” which are either interesting facts or something interactive you can try.

Lifelike illustrations, common and Latin names, identifying characteristics, and critter curiosity facts place these flashcards apart from its competitors. Measuring 2 3/4″x 4″, these double-sided cards are quality constructed. On one side, youll find an illustration with the common and Latin name, family, and related size measurements. The flip side answers questions such as, “What do I look like? Where do I live? What do I eat?” and more. “Critter Curiosity” is an interesting tidbit about the identified animal. Supplement your nature studies or science curriculum or use these engaging flashcards to casually teach through trivia games. Each set includes 101 cards in a sturdy box. ~ Deanne

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