UT National Forest map: Fish Lake 2007


Features: Paper (plastic coated).

2007. NOT topographic

Scale: 1: 126,720.

4 x 9 in. folded. 44 x 45 in. unfolded.

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Established in 1907, the forest covers 1.5 million acres (6,070 km²) and is split into four districts.

The forest lies in parts of nine counties.

In descending order of forestland area, they are SevierMillardPiuteBeaverWayneJuabGarfieldIron, and Sanpete counties.

 The national forest is the headwaters of Otter Creek, a tributary of the East Fork Sevier River.

Pando, a clonal quaking aspen stand, that, according to some sources, is the oldest (80,000 years) and largest (106 acres, 13 million pounds) organism on Earth, is located in the Fremont River Ranger District of the National Forest, 1 mile southwest of Fish Lake on Utah route 25.

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