Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide: Third Edition Edition


The handy, pocket-sized 272-page softbound book is updated with over 285 wildflowers identified. Information includes common, scientific and family names, a brief description, and each wildflower’s habitat, life zone, and general flowering time.

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This guide is for all nature enthusiasts who want to learn more about wildflowers throughout Colorado and Wyoming’s Rocky Mountain Region.

Wildflowers were photographed in the Southern Rockies from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Mosquito Range, from Crested Butte to the southern San Juan National Forest Region, and also in several areas in the Central Rockies of Wyoming.

Clear, detailed photos depict some of the most common as well as some uncommon wildflowers that one might find along trails, open meadows and roadsides.

The 285-plus wildflowers in the guide are grouped with color-coded page edges indicating sections of white, yellow, red and blue/purple flowers to help in quickly locating an unknown wildflower. Included also are descriptions of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Life Zones, illustrations of leaf shapes and inflorescences, and an index of wildflowers by color.

This compact, up-to-date guide is the perfect size for taking along on camping and hiking trips in the Rocky Mountains. The guide’s rounded corners make it easy to tuck in a pocket or pack.

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