La Plata County Cemetery

In Loving Memory

Small rural cemeteries of La Plata County have played an important role in the lives of early settlers. These burial places have allowed individuals to honor their families and friends while fulfilling burial practices that often reflected their ethnic origins and customs. The cemeteries provided a mechanism to record their testaments to a loved one,

“Shoo!” “Scram!” “Oooogaboogaboogaboo!” The Wilderness Information Specialists (WIS’s) in training started throwing rocks at a hollow log. The sound startled the mountains goats and they ran away. We rejoiced! We had chased the mountain goats out of our camp. Any nature savvy individual knows that harassing wildlife is a faux pas. It stresses the animals

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens April 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the United States entry into World War I. With the war, our country sent many young men to join European forces to fight in various war theaters. At home, Americans supported the war effort through numerous conservation efforts. One of the sayings at that time was

THE ART OF MISADVENTURE : Appreciating the Magic Within the Science of Nature

By MK Gunn Not every adventure goes according to plan, but if it is not planned, the adventure might never go. This is the sentiment that occurred to me, not all at once, at some point in college. I was, and still try to be, of the spontaneous sort. I don’t mind a good flying